Heavens & Hell ~Beatdown! Cruelest Hardcore Battle!~

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Heavens & Hell ~Beatdown! Cruelest Hardcore Battle!~
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* Product point
Strong women! Brawling to a pulp!

Beat them down! Assault them! Climb to victory!

Click the mouse to interact, pummeling powerful opponents till they’re black and blue!

* Situations
Your first fight is with a high school girl who loves martial arts. Beat her face in mount position!

Wreck the failed woman where she falls, spraying her guts with endless creampie jizz!

Turn the tables on a magical girl with a reverse hold and f*ck her feedhole!

Inject the p*ssy of a busty elf warrioress with so much sperm she bloats with fake pregnancy!

Sex battle with a bewitching “karasu tengu”!!
Ride the bosom valley into the mouth of a beautiful proud valkyrie!!
Shock torture + enormous vaginal ejaculations into female warriors!!

Winner takes all, and all slaves become a harabote harem!!!

… and more …

* Story
In this life, there is one simple truth…

Strength, skill, no matter how extraordinary
is worthless if it’s not applied.
And no amount of talent or strength will outmatch a gun.
That reality was drilled into my brain like a trauma
when the woman I loved was attacked.
That day forward, I lost my reason to live,
burdened by a cloak of desire and frustration,
rolling with and fighting street thugs.

That’s how I came to know a particular strange bastard.
“If there were a place that let you do anything you wanted……” he said,
“if you could HAVE anything you wanted, would you go?”

…… Huh? The guy must be nuts.
First of all my desire was impossible to be fulfilled.
And where in Japan could someone unleash pure rage without
getting arrested or worse?

I scoffed, but the guy’s face was unchanging.
“If you’re strong enough, anything goes. Would you go?”
he invited.

…… Yeah. I’d go. What did I have to lose?
If it was a trick or something I’d just wallop the bastard.
So I followed him……

To an alternate dimension.
Hosted by demons. A grand arena called “Heavens & Hell”.
A lawless battleground of beautiful women.

“Purge your desire! To the winner, any wish is bestowed!”

If I could actually have what I wanted……
Pure, unfiltered violence! I’m going to f*ck shit up!

* Characters
High school martial artist Sumika Mitaragi (CV: Rio Kisaka)
Magical girl Cutia (CV: An Kasuga)
Elftribe warrioress Claris Eford (CV: Maria Ayana)
Karasu tengu Rinfa (CV: Rio Kisaka)
She-warrior Rozen Maria (nickname: Rose) (CV: Megumu Morino)
Vishnu, minion of the Demon Queen (C: Megumu Morino)
ORIJIN Ange (CV: Maria Ayana)
Demon Queen Dethria, hostess of the arena (CV: An Kasuga)

and protagonist Rikio Gourai, a man of lust and fury

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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