Ojosama Marin ~Nobody Can Stop My Curiosity!!~

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Ojosama Marin ~Nobody Can Stop My Curiosity!!~
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* Ver 1.02

* Catch Copy
The inquisitive young lass won’t be contained! She’s left her cushy estate for an adventure in town!

Whether she’s assailed by monsters or helping people in need, working in a brothel or causing the resurrection of the dark lord…
nobody can stop the curiosity of the ojosama as she pokes her head into every affair as she pleases! Where does it end!?

Marin’s ecchi adventure is chronicled by her ravishment status,
based on the number of ravishings and inseminations!

Use the T.A.S. (Tarot Action System) to kick about small fry enemies!!

* Character
Marin, young lady of the Arvis Estate
CV: Tomoyo Asakura

Naturally kind and eager to offer a helping hand.
But also curious to the point of meddling, which gets her in some sticky spots!
With big breasts housing a full and vulnerable heart,
she looks oh-so-innocent even as her morality plunges.

* Situations

– trading favors with the bodyguard to escape the estate (tit grope)

– upskirt mischief walking around town!?

– an encounter with an orc that wants to wreck town… and a gangbang!?

– monsters ravish the unready lady in the heat of battle!?

– blindfolded ice cream taste-testing… or so she thinks

– nurse care is paizuri!? grant the request of a dirty old man

– bawdiness at the bar. a blackout-drunk creampie she doesn’t know!?

– “curiosity killed the cat”…… Marin meets a talking cat / magical girl

– becoming a whore, putting anal beads up the butt!?

– losing to the dark lord equals the walk of shame, naked + collar!

– the ojosama findsa treasure and enters a hole in the wall…

…… and more!

* Story
“Nobody can stop my curiosity!”

In a world of magic and science.
There lives a privileged young lass named Marin.
An inquisitive girl who sneaks from home to town.

The town is full of people in need!
Marin wants to help them, and does so with the tarot card abilities
she learned from her mother, fighting monsters and punishing rapscallions!
But among the beneficiaries of her efforts are people
who “need” inappropriately lewd favors…
Marin, this is why young girls don’t go to town alone!

The danger mounts as monsters are out to a seal and free a demon!

Marin faces huge consequences if she loses,
yet off she goes again, the unstoppable curious ojosama ~

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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