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* Story
The man was happy. Though his days were uneventful, he was glad to spend them with the wife he loved.
He was blessed. The years ahead would be an unchanging happiness… that’s what he thought.

One night, the life of this man and his wife began to crumble. A mysterious entity coerced them into an absurd game.
Should the man lose, the wife he loved would be ravished in front of his eyes. No request nor revenge would change that.

“It’s just a game.”

Pentamerone Game.

Will he be able to save his wife? Is there any salvation?

* System
Luwen Workshop presents a fairy tale-inspired puzzle RPG.
Simple menus and finishable playtime of about 3 hours.
You can “give up” (suicide) to trigger erotic scenes without winning.
Multiple endings; get a specific ending for a specific bonus.

Special ending condition (content)
* Do not complete the game (none)
* Complete the game (Unlock replay room + all scenes)
* [???] Complete the game (unlock replay room + all scenes + special!)

Fairy tale inspirations
* A snow white princess is assaulted by little people in her sleep…
* A little matchstick girl sells herself for the sake of someone special…
* A red hooded girl encounters a wolfman in the dark forest…
and other lore, fables as erotica

The trial has 1 stage and scene based on snow white
Finishable playtime of about 30 minutes

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This game was created with RPG Tkool MV.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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Pentamerone Game

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