A Happy World For Everyone, Having All The Sex We Want!

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A Happy World For Everyone, Having All The Sex We Want!
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He was sick of the temp-dispatch life.
This would be his last job, as a manager
of some podunk rural school.
He arrived ambivalently, to find it was all female.

Behaving cautiously at first, he soon slipped.
After school one day, a girl with a loose way about her asked,

“Hey, show me your penis?”

He was taken aback, but he took it out.
She sucked him off and he paid her a little spending money.
The next morning, the whole school was talking about his big c*ck!

These girls were ravenous. Between hormones and greed
there was no stopping them.

The chaste-but-easy girl with a f*ck-me body.
The reverse r*pist gal with an abnormal libido.
The one so cute she would make idols jealous, except she’s a money-loving bitch.
The virtuous honor student who can’t endure seeing everyone being a hentai…
Students of every kind, and then the hot foreign teacher too…

Not a day went by his d*ck wasn’t wet on some eager slut!

He had fun toying with the girls who were, he knew, simply curious
or wanted the money, but gradually it was clear,
his magnificently huge c*ck had turned the students into slaves.

It was like a dream.
A happy world for everyone, having all the sex they want!


I’m surrounded by innocent girls with loose legs!

From gal to teen beauty to student president,
I make JK bitches of them all with my big pornstar c*ck!


Deep throated by a gal in the pool lockers!

Passionate gaijin-on-top sex with the foreign teacher for cash!

Big titted schoolgirl sex & huge ejaculation!

Eating the virgin p*ssy of a spreadlegged idol-style beauty!

Creampie ekiben f*ck the gasping spraytanned whore!

Buxom student and student president play with a double-headed dildo!

The same president begs for a creampie with sopping panties!

Anal joy awakening of the idol-style beauty who takes a gutload of cum!

Team up with a girl student to f*ck the president senseless!


CV: Nanase Watarai as…
Mina Niiyama, the curvy slutty yet somehow pure 2nd year
Risa Yaida, the trashy carnivore gal

CV: Rio Kisaka as…
Ayano Momoi, the slender idol-style beauty / cheap nympho
Yuriko Tsuchiya, the masochist genius student president

CV: Yotsuba Tsuyuri as…
Claire Forster, the stunning 29-year-old foreign teacher


Shingo Ooshima, the protagonist with a massive d*ck

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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A Happy World For Everyone, Having All The Sex We Want!
My Sperm Is 100x Overpowered => MEGACUM INJECTION!

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