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【DLsite】Magic Girl Fal【English Ver】

“Fal Crowly” the girl wizard, uses magic to make people smile.
But one day, an “Incubus’s Spell” was put on her.

Her body, with the Incubus’s Spell made her need to intake men’s sperm once in a while
or else she would lose consciousness and become like a living corpse.
She acted brave knowing that she was put under that kind of spell, but she still felt fear by the minute.

The only way to break the curse was to throw down the person who put the curse on her.

With “Chifoll”, a wizard that will help Fal, do what you can to get to the witch and break the curse.

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【DLsite】Platinas experience – Fox c***d’s sexy human experience 【English Ver】

One silver fox always longed to be human and live like a human.
A witch then suddenly appears in front of the silver fox and offered to make her human.
With such a sudden suggestion, she thought there must be something behind it, but more than anything wanted to be a human.
So she got her to make her a human
The silver fox who became a human called herself Huck, and went to a human town.
This raised the curtain on her human life…

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【FANZA,DLsite】THE NPC Sex – Free to Fuck All, From Villager Girls to the Demon Queen

You get trapped in a game world where the NPCs all just spout off the same dialogue.
But that means they can’t resist if you start to sexually harass them!
Time for violation!

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【DLsite】Yokoshima Salon

A mini-RPG about a girl that gets into ecchi encounters.
Includes changing pixel art pose art & animation.
Lots of creampie, suckling situations.
Cross-sections ON / OFF toggle included.
No battle or character growth elements.

Approx. 60 pose art.

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【FANZA,DLsite】The Demon Lord’s Retirement Advisor

In this world, monsters can’t breed without the aid of female humans as an intermediary.
The former demon lord has retired. Satana is the new demon lord, but as a girl,
she cannot seed women, so the monsters begin to desert her.

You’ve been charged with serving as the advisor to Satana,
and duties include raping adventurers trying to defeat her, and impregnating them in her stead!

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【DLsite】Discipline Step daughter! A cheeky step daughter is a Daddy’s toy【English Ver】

A step father couldn’t get along with his wife’s daughter .
At that time, Koraro discovered that Miyako was trying to steal his money.
At first, Kotaro was persuading her not to do that but he suddenly raped her who is abusing him with all sorts of foul language.
Their relationship has changed then.
Can the step father and the step daughter get along with each other…or will their relationship be completely broken?

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【DLsite】Youkai-Senki【English Ver】

A Youkai who lives in Inari-Shrine, Kyubi
As it can’t eat the fried-tofu which is an offering, he lives off consuming sperm to maintain his Youkai power.
For the preparation of Youkai Festival which takes place once a year, Kyubi heads to find Tengu, who doesn’t show himself in the Tengu forest but….

In the wake of searching for Tengu, Kyubi finds out the rumour of invasion by the foreign Youkai as well as disappearances of Youkais around the country. He and his buddies will go on to find out the cause!

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【DLsite】Welcome to a different world (NPC rape)【English Ver】

The guide town girl, the playgirl in the town, the reception staff at the inn, the church sister
and all of the NPC within the game are available for sex.

Additionally, it is even possible to ravage the main characters in the game, the princess and the Queen!

The specification is such that your brutishness increases the more and more you ravage them.

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【DLsite】Yaohu Mimi ~Sex in the Foreign World~【English Ver】

Mimi was a Yaohu (Mythical Fox Spirit) who had gone astray into the human world.
Her mission was to dispel all evil within the modern society.
There was only one way to do so;
unleash the men’s libido…

The stylish, attractive Yaohu was
confronted with immediate sex of the impatient men!
Can Mimi return back home?

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【DLsite】Inciu kitan – sacrifice of shrine maiden -【English Ver】

A pure-hearted shrine maiden is raped to the desires of men.
90% of the sex scenes will be rape scenes.
The same rape event will be different with a higher level of lewdness.
The way the shrine maiden receives and feels it will be a little more lewd.

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【DLsite】Reverse rape thief, Alea【English Ver】

Find boys and be a Reverse rape bitch
If you succeed, you can fuck boys
If you fail, you are gonna be fucked

Collect info during the day and steal at night
Be prepared before the infiltration

As you steal, your level goes up so as your skills
It’s up to you
Plan, with tools, weapons, or skills

Try not to get caught while infiltration
Get tresures and boys!

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【DLsite】The Erotic Adventure of Blonde Princess Rooty【English Ver】

Princess Rooty of the Kingdom of Rootia starts to help the king with various work.
Princess Rooty grows up as a tomboy. She is a sword master; the fly in the ointment is that she is extremely unlucky.
Can she really get the job done?

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【DLsite】Elvis Bias -Story about me, hypnosis and monster girls-【English Ver】

The world that the most of the countries were destroyed by the second Noah’s flood.
All most of the technologies were lost and
the world was filled with monsters (and monster girls)……

The Demon lord emerged not to destroy this world but to save it……
This is a story focusing on a boy in a village in such a world……

Elvis, a boy who is a genius swordsman, had never lost in his village.
However, when he went to exterminate the bee monster, he was completely beaten and raped by the mosnter.
And his is gradually crushed…….

A lot of naughy misfortunes (Pleasure) hit Elvis.
In a series of misfortunes(humiliation, insult, male rape, endless ejaculations),
Elvis meets a hypnosist and becomes her diciple.
After overcoming rigorous training(a number of male insults…..), Elvis
who became a hypnosist, vows to use hypnosis to save people.

Eventually, he met the Demon lord who also mastered hypnosis, and they have a hypnotic battle…..
The fate of the two who tries to change the world with hypnosis is……

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【DLsite】Chronicle of Bitch Girl – My Dick is too Large-【English Ver】

I, Takayoshi Ohki has been teaching for about one month
as a substitute for a teacher who had taken a maternity leave.

It was just a short while until the class began that my heart was throbbing with fancy expectation.

Girls who are talking in class as the lecture is boring, or putting make-up, or taking a nap…
A disgusting girl who never stops pointing out that she does not like my pronunciations.
These girls are young, plump, full of pheromone, and typical “Gals.”
They all are nothing but troublesome conceited school girls,
whose superficial cuteness and beauty would not hide their bitchy nature.

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【FANZA,DLsite】Summer ~Life in the Countryside~ 【English Ver】

You’re spending a boring summer vacation cooped up in your postage stamp-sized apartment,
when you receive a call from your relative’s mom.
It seems she and her husband are going on a trip, so they want you to come back to the countryside,
and look after your old childhood friend Hazuki for a while.
Well, it certainly beats melting here in the city, so you decide to accept the offer.
You start preparing for the journey…

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