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同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite
同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite
同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite

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Schoolgirls Nanami & Marina ~Sexual Part-Time Jobs~【English Ver】
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Product summary

Tag Lines:

Play as Nanami and Marina, each with differing personalities, and earn money with them!

Will their jobs be legal? Or dirty!? Work them to pay off their friend’s debt!

But will their jobs be full of sexual assault!?

The fate that awaits the two (+1) is…one of prostitution!? Or something more!?

An RPG where you make money by playing as both a pure, and a not-so-pure schoolgirl!


– While working a part-time job in a bookstore, Nanami gets molested by the manager

– While working a part-time job at a clothing store, Marina is brought into the dressing room by a male customer!?

– Marina is pushed to a give a titjob to a male customer

– Deceived by a massage parlor’s manager, Nanami is made to learn the intricacies of handjobs!?

– During a photo session, Marina takes a role of a model but put in a sleep to be r*ped!?

– Having a dirty private lesson with a manager in a fitness club!

– Marina works at a girls’ bar (hostess bar)

– Nanami falls victim to molestation

– While helping debug a VR game, Nanami meets a dirty fate both in-game and reality!

– While doing a part-time job in a maid cafe, Nanami gives verbal abuse service to a masochist customer!?

– A man begs on hands and knees for Marina to take his virginity

– When the two try to rescue Mobuko from a cult, they get hypnotized, and…!?

– Mobuko invites Nanami and Marina to an orgy!?

 And much more…


 A normal (yet busty) schoolgirl named Nanami, a gal named Marina and
 Mobuko, a subdued girl who somehow has a boyfriend, are all close friends.
 However, one day, Mobuko gets a huge amount of debt after being deceived by her boyfriend.
 In order to pull Mobuko back from the grip of hypnotic love for her boyfriend and repay her debt,
 Nanami and Marina start working part-time jobs…
 Will they get a sufficient amount of money, or descend into part-time jobs of the sexy kind!?

– Nanami Fujishiro
 ”Don’t worry! Leave it all to me!”

 She’s a gentle, calm girl that also happens to have the biggest breasts in the class. She has a good amount of secret fans.
 Often spends time with Marina and Mobuko,
 which makes it hard for her classmates to approach her (mostly just the guys).
 She believes herself to be normal, but perhaps due to her relationships, her classmates think of her as special.

– Marina Ono
 ”You wanna fuck me? Hahaha! God, you’re so desperate! But sorry, you’re not my type, so it just ain’t happening.”

 Her voluptuous figure (BWH: 95 / 57 / 85 cm) is close to that of a model, but she nonetheless leaves her shirt almost wide open,
 and wears a miniskirt so short anyone could see her underwear. Her stylish knee-socks that lend her a good amount of fashionability.
 She’s the type of girl that doesn’t mind giving the boys a peek or two, but she values her chastity very deeply.
 She has quite a large circle of friends, but she barely hangs out with the rest of them, preferring to spend time with Nanami and Mobuko.
 Her friends give her naughty looks, and while she doesn’t mind them, she doesn’t play along with their perversion either.
 Lately, she’s being chased by a man that grovels and begs her to take his virginity.

– Mobuko
 ”I am…yes, I’m a tragic heroine! I’ll be sold to the highest buyer in order to repay my debt, and I will rule the night from there on!”

 Born as a painfully normal girl. Fated to live just as much of a normal life. That’s Mobuko, known as “Mobby” to her friends.
 She’s a simple, clumsy girl that somehow managed to get two incredibly good-looking friends, and even a boyfriend that works at a host club.
 She was deceived by him and made to shoulder his debt, so she’s currently having some money troubles.
 Drunk on the perceived drama of her otherwise ordinary life, she thinks she could do anything, even prostitution, if it was for his sake.
 She works together with her friends to pay off the debt, but only manages to unknowingly cause further trouble to them.
 She means no wrong, but that makes it worse.

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My younger sister is not erotic !【English Ver】
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Product summary


To stop my sister’s eroticization
My sister collects semen.
Sex Battle RPG


** Synopsis

My sister Hinata and my sister’s “Sesuna”
The two of us lived together.
But one day, suddenly,
she has succubus syndrome which needs semen .

While collecting semen so that hinata is not estrus,
I went to the city to find a way to treat the disease.

** A brief game description

1.Tribute to my sister
Let’s prepare the meal fee of every day while dividing semen to younger sister’s son.
If there is no meal fee, the progress of the succubus syndrome of the younger sister accelerates.

2.Sex Battle
The elder sister’s seifse has sex with men in the town to collect semen.
By using sexual techniques such as blame and vaginal tightening during sex,
The other party is made to be made, and semen is collected.
When HP becomes 0, it is not possible to acquire semen because it is.

Women’s energy agents, aphrodisiac, etc., and buy aromas that make you feel naughty
It is easy to squeeze semen that can be powered up by using it.

4.Part-time job
Money is needed for meals and items.
Money can be made by working part-time.
From simple part-time jobs to time-limited delivery part time job and
There are various part-time jobs, such as waitresses who remember the customer’s order.

Can you prevent your sister from getting naughty by making full use of sex battle?

* Other

I produce it with RPG Tucool MV.
Screen size 816×624.
Please check the operation in the trial version.

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Tomoe’s lechery tale – A Woman Knight’s Love affair【English Ver】
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Product summary

* Type *

Sexual harassment RPG

* System *

A sexual harassment event occurs by talking to the residents.
Erotic CG can be seen even without collecting items.
A simple sexual harassment event, an event of HCG will occur.

When the day’s action is over, return home and rest in bed.
You can proceed to the second day in the trial version.

* Features of this game *

If you move from the base town to the next, it will soon be a poor town!
Residents are hungry for women, and if they see women, they want to have sex.
Furthermore, although you can make money at the brothel, of course-.

There is no complicated system! Specializing in erotic!
Strike a white desire in sexy limbs of Tomoe!

* Outline *

Tomoe, a knight who engages in the kingdom.
Suddenly one day, bribery is suspected and her daily life changes completely.

The Knight chief urged her to choose a large penalty or imprisonment.
When Tomoe hears that she will spend the rest of her life in jail for imprisonment, she chooses the penalty.
In addition, she is forced to earn money in the town of the outlying kingdom.

What happens to Tomoe who was made a false charge.

* Situations *

Sixty nine
Heterosexual rape
Restraint play
Group sex
Gang bang

* Others *

Change of clothes, state difference 4 types (Ragged, Naked, Dress, Pregnancy)
The condition of the heroine changes the response of most people in town.
Of course the contents of sexual harassment will also change.

Made by RPGtsukoolVXACE
The trick to open the memories completely is also implemented.

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Cutie Rug *** Detectives -Ghost-gathering Succubus Home-【English Ver】
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Product summary

— Please confirm the movement of each character on the trial version —

Certain degree of PC specifications are required because the game uses various effects to create an atmosphere.
If the operating speed is too slow, you may wish to turn off the effect.
Check the light at the starting point and turn off the lighting effect to make it lighter.

** Story

Rug *** Detectives…..A detective agency that specializes in investigating and resolving mysteries.
Its members are all girls.
Honoka’s brother went on an expedition to the mansion with ghost rumors, and gone missing.
And now, Honoka and her Rug *** Detectives go investigate the mansion to find her brother.

** Mystery solving RPG

In the mysterious mansion, there are many traps…..
Using the special skills of five unique girls as needed,
Avoid lewd traps and go deeper while solving the mystery!

Victims’ souls are drifting …
Men seek sexual pleasure….
Innocent girls are victimized…

You should rearrange the party according to the situation.
Acting alone is possible, but it comes with high risk.

Riddles with bowls……
Use your brain to avoid the hidden bombs.
The girls encounter various mysteries, and If they fail …..

Pain of defloration…..
Fist sexual intercourse….
Irresistible sexual pleasure….

Sexual event scenes x 12

** Characters

A literary girl who loves to read detective novels. She wished for a detective and joined the agency.
5th Stage of Japanese fencing. Hobby “DIY”. Special skill is crafting.
If she is given a workbench, she can create new items.
Best at weapon attacks, and fear values accumulate very slow.

Honoka’s friend. She is playful though her appearance is quiet. Joined the agency with full of curiosity.
Called gossip-loving Suzu. She has excellent hearing.
Loves baseball games. Bat swings every day. Specialty is medicine.
Of all the characters, she is only one who has a skill to recover HP.
Since recover items are scarce in the mansion, her support is essential.
However, she has no physical strength and power, she is not good at combat.

She is placid. After the Detective Agency was open, she mostly did office works.
She is like an older sister of the team, and she was the one who received this request.
Loves FPS and gun shooting games. Loves to look around with a magnifying glass
Her special skill is a magnifier.
If you have her, switches and traps that could be overlooked will be seen.
She is an indispensable character for exploration
Support by a tranquillizer gun will be useful in combat.

She is an ordinary girl. The size of her boobs are so so.
Invited by Alisa, she joined the girl mysterious detective agency as an accompanying member (as a supervisor).
Fighting buff. Her muscle strength is as strong as a man. Her special skill is having strong power.
Things a woman can’t move because of the weight may be moved by her.
Her offensive power will be demonstrated in combat.
However, she tends to accumulate the fear value, it is dangerous if she is attacked.

She is the lowest in height. Extreme loli-type figure.
The group is only place where Alisa who hates school wants to stay. Occasionally Suzu uses her for mischief.
She is not good at communication and tends to run out of control. Thus she always gets in trouble.
She belongs to the archery club. Key enthusiast. Her special skill is picking.
She can open simple doors and treasure boxes by picking.
She is the smallest and weakest in the group, but can hit a deadly drive shot.
When she speaks, she speaks like a cat.

** Others

This game is equipped with the function that can initiate “Effect Off” when movement is too slow.
Please refer to the instruction section when solving mysteries is too difficult to solve.
You can use the Cheating section to recollect sexual scenes.

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Shouta’s Tragic Day【English Ver】
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Product summary

The peaceful life of protagonist Shouta
takes a weird turn when he wakes up to his mom and sister
sucking on his d*ck. It felt too good and he came.

This is the start of a very weird day for the cute otoko no ko.

RPG with simple puzzle solving elements
Talk to the village people to open up the paths

Items will be received for doing friendly favors…
A high lewdness level will unlock the lewd end.
Complete the entire game with zero lewdness for the “best” (happy) end.

CV: Yukanyan

Event scenes have full voice acting
(Shouta’s voice as well as others)

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[Time Stop RPG] The Girl with the Ultimate Magic【English Ver】
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Product summary


The Demon king’s army is growing in power, and it’s only a matter of time before it destroys the humans.
The kingdom sends a girl to the Demon king’s castle.

The girl’s name was Shalo.

She was not much of an adventurer,
but her mother was a first-rate wizard, and the ultimate magic that she had put into Shalo was a threat.
The power of Shalo’s magic is such that it can easily wipe out the Demon king’s castle.
In addition, the magic is automatically activated when Shalo’s life is in danger.
Therefore, the Demon king cannot carelessly inflict damage on Shalo.
Shalo was the last hope for the humans.

When the Demon king got this information, he became impatient.
Even if he defeated the girl, the magic would kill himself…..
The Demon king searched for a way to break the spell without defeating the girl.

A few days later, he succeeded in obtaining a document with instructions on how to break the spell.
It says that by pouring sperm over the ovum, the spell will no longer activate.
In order to break the spell,
The Demon king decides to use the Time Stop spell to make the monsters rape the girl.

[sex scenes]

All scenes will be Time Stop situation.
The little girl gets raped whenever the time stops.
The stimulation of the action during Time Stop comes all at once after the time starts to move!

Time Stop while shopping at the weapon store!
Time Stop when you’re fighting an enemy!
Time Stop while studying at a magic school!
Time stop while trying to move in the back of a truck.
Time stop in front of your friends!

There’s no leveling up tasks, no tedious battles, no frustration.

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Azul Knight – Milletia of the Blue Sword【English Ver】
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Product summary

[ Synopsis ]

She was saved by the young knight Sala when she was a child.
Milletia longs for knights and is highly regarded even after entering the knights school.
And she was scouted by the Blue Sky Knights.

She’s a knight, a year to protect the security of the city.
It came to go out to the travel which finally saved the world.
The epic story that engulfs her begins now.

[ Game System ]

Pregnancy and armor break system
When the HP of Milletia decreases, clothes break fast.
In addition, the pregnancy judgment after sex is done.
For knights, pregnancy x armabreak is disastrous.
Let’s have Abortion old fart fix it!

Costume change system
You can change freely, such as uniforms, armor, and nakedness from the beginning.
Because it is different from the equipment in the avatar treatment,
it becomes a costume change that does not affect the status.
There is a difference of armor break in the costume.

Prostitution system
You can work in a sex house.
Take advantage of being a woman and make money.
You can earn as much money as you want because you can work as many times as you want.

H scene
There is an act of degrading the female knight such as insulting, rape,, prostitution, and so on.
You can watch the scene as many times as you want in the recollection room.

Travel around the world
Milleti is used as a woman and a man everywhere.
Please save the world by doing the naughty event which is involved one after another.

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Magic Girl ZERO【English Ver】
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Product summary

(English product description provided by the creator.)

[Undercover work]

Ruby “I am Ruby. I have been dispatched from the Kingdom.
Do you know that In recent years, there are quite a few incidents where
young females are disappearing in Ocean region?
I came here to investigate the cause of these disappearances.”


This RPG shows how Ruby is smeared with shame.
It is the story where Ruby does not know what love is.
Serving the kingdom, serving the queen, and act in a matter of fact approach for her missions.

Ruby still does not know the reality.
Her sexual identity as an woman, turns in to a heavy weight for Ruby.
Rape, humiliation, shame …

Everytime she is raped, her uterus started to ache.
Ruby who has lived strictly was whaled with shock from sexual desire.
What will Ruby feel as she is shamed sexually in front of a large number of buyers as a slave.

You can start playing from the spot (the enemy level will go down, when you retry) even when you are defeated.
However, when you retry the game, your game level (evaluation) will decrease.
If your game level is at extreme, there will be some bonus, where you can look at rough sketches that were made during the development.


Ruby who has fallen in love.
Can she prioritize the mission than love, as one who serves the kingdom?
Goodbye … those who I loved …


Ruby can self-sacrifice in order to carry out the mission.
she will continue to endure desperately even toward erotic things as she is humiliated as she fights.


This was produced with RPG Maker VXACE.
There is a recollection mode.
You can enjoy this game even if you have not played with our previous work (Magic Magical action girl).
This story is about the story that happened before the previous work (Magic Magical action girl).
You can go to the reminiscence room with tricks

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Decaying Flowers【English Ver】
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Product summary

** Story

Lobelia spent unhappy and poor days in his childhood.
He accidentally gains a huge amount of assets which he may not be able to consume within his life.
His life has totally changed, and there is no inconvenience anymore. Everyday, his dreams, which have never been realized, come true.
He has had a blowout for a few years, and almost all of his dreams have come true.
One day, he finds out one document in his mansion’s library.
The document seems to be ab I.O.U. which the late mansion owner had exchanged with a store manager.
Reviewing it, a significant amount of interests has summed up until now.
Robelia has been involved not only in official entertainment but in illegal ones, interested in it.
Immediately, he starts investigation into that store.

After investigation, he finds that the shop owner couple have already been dead,
and their only daughter is now managing to run the store.
She has failed to pay his debt for many months, and the payback amount is just minute.
Robelia is much well-off for women, and enjoyed with prostitutes so much to be fed up with them.
In the world of rich men, every kind of play with every beautiful girl can be realized just by paying money.
Especially, Robeila loves a play to mentally hunt down a girl and take control of her.
This overwhelming hierarchical relationship, financial gaps and pure innocent girl…
He must be able to feel a real sense of domination, which he can never gain just buying women with his money.
Looking at the I.O.U., Robelia solitary has a leering smile on his face.

“I’m going to make this girl my obedient slave…”

** Game system

In this game, you repeat jobs and adventures to pay back your debt.
You can get treasures by exploring dungeons.
Your HP and MP decrease if you keep working, so you need to take a break often.
It is a simulation RPG with Debt Repayments and Adventure.

** Erotic event

To domesticate an innocent girl to become an obedient slave.
Every scene has scenario difference, and you can enjoy various performance even in the same event.
A pure and innocent girl is domesticated, gradually corrupted into sexual pleasure.
She is taken her initiatives in any cases. This game is recommended to whom loves to bully a girl thoroughly.

** Characters

* Lobelia

A predominant man who hate anything he cannot do as he likes.
He is not a man of great strength, rather good at put pressure on someone not with violence but with words.
Maybe because he had an experience of poor childhood,
he feels unconscious disgust when he sees someone pressed for money just like in his childhood.
Since he had obtained the huge amount of assets, he has no need to suppress his desire any more.
He is now realizing his dreams and ideas somehow or other.

* Marpel

An adolescent girl grown up with a plenty love from her parents.
She is not so active, rather passive type girl.
She is intermediately amiable, and not particularly bad at socializing, but
weak-hearted from her nature, and doesn’t like a shouting voice and well-built men.
She has an age-appropriate knowledge about sexual behaviors, but not so well-experienced.
Her parents died with remaining large debt, and she is running a restaurant by herself

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