Kankin Shoujo 3D [Re:birthing]

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Kankin Shoujo 3D [Re:birthing]
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“Every day after 7 p.m.
I saw her on patrol… Minami-chan.

Nobody else for miles, a pretty girl in her schoolclothes.
It was dangerous… so very dangerous…
She bobbed home from tennis club. Medium length hair, tinted like tea.
Ahh, that fresh face, that translucent voice.
Her figure was slight, with small breasts that promised development to come.
Minami-chan, you are so defenseless……
Don’t you know someone could be stalking you?
I have to protect you…

I will…… protect……”


The protagonist built a makeshift prison in his remote house
for the day he chose to bring a beautiful girl home.
In the time he’d made his choice, his feelings had grown twisted.

In a story that spans six and one half years,
Kankin Shoujo [Re:birthing] is the sex training of a kidnapped girl
by various implements. There is no escaping this place……

As a part-timer with a routine, the protagonist works
and sleeps, works and sleeps, and in the meantime, he can
cultivate a relationship with his captive.

Where will it end……?


– A real time 3D product! Enjoy tormenting the girl with the mouse as you please!

– The previous system has been overhauled, implementing customer feedback.
Enjoy the JK abduction, captivation, discipline life even more that ever before!

– 26 different actions from the discipline menu to choose from.

– Obedience and pleasure levels will sway the heroine’s reactions!
You may even be able to become lovers with the right balance of actions…

– The ending will different depending on how you carry out your days.
Aim for a perfectly disciplined ending!
Of course, you can still enjoy playing with her after the game ending.

– Contains customization options. Mold this innocent beauty to your liking!!
Dress her up, dress her down, change her dressings all around. Or Naked 😉

– Get a whole bunch of adult toys from the local sex shop!
Each time you reach an ending, new items appear on the shelf…?


Heroine: Minami Shinomori (CV: Yotsuba Tsuyuri)
2nd year. Midlength tea-brown hair. 160cm. 49kg. Virgin.
An enthusiastic member of the tennis club who practices every morning,
bright and early, her skin healthily tan and her body toned and supple.
She’s a middle child with three older brothers and a younger brother and sister.
Her personality is vigorous, not the shy type. She looks out for her kouhai.
Her grades are in the mid-to-low range, focusing instead on tennis
where she’s won two tournaments already. There’s an older boy on
the boys tennis team that she likes, but for now it’s only that.
The boys in general are fond of Minami.
Getting home from school requires a lonely 1km walk from the bus stop
to her house. Her parents warn her not to take the shortcut thru the park,
but she does without telling them.

Protagonist: Kouji Kishiyama
37 years old. 168cm. 73kg. Virgin.
A drifter in his youth, these last 5 years Kouji has worked part-time
at a food mill, making a modest income thanks to the rent-free house
he inherited from his parents. It’s located quite outside of town.
As a routine he likes to “patrol” the vicinity, and knows pretty well
what people are up to…
He lives a law-abiding life.
The park where he often sees Minami is about 5km from his house.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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