be made up of dreams and colors

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When they were children, the main characters often got together and played.
A close group of childhood friends.
The name of the group is “Earth Defense Force,” which makes me feel embarrassed when I think of it.

One day, however, the group broke up when the main character was eliminated.
After that, some of my friends gradually became estranged from each other, such as the appearance of children transferring schools.

And now.
A new student came to the school where the main character attends.
The child was one of the friends who transferred to another school in the past and ended up breaking up.
Taking advantage of her reunion, her friends gather again.
A group formed when they were children will now be established as club activities.

The club’s name is “Kamon Defense Department,” commonly known as “Kamon Defense Department.”

The activities are to protect the youth of students at school, including romance.
It’s like an assistance department for counseling about your worries.

The club members themselves have never been in love with each other because of their unfortunate hobbies.
Through club activities, club members also want to experience love.

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