Dream Magician Girl【English Ver】

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Dream Magician Girl【English Ver】
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* Storyline

One year ago, Kurumi had her wish come true by a mystery magician; to become a Magician Girl herself.
Her sincere wish was to protect the dreams and hopes of her city’s civilians.

Upon becoming a magician, Kurumi spent most of her time with a fairy named Tinkle.
Her mission was to expunge humans who have exchanged their soul with evil.

While Kurumi was a skilled Magician Girl, she nonetheless was a teenage girl.
From a human male’s standpoint, she was a savory small female.

Kurumi experiences various difficulties living as a Magician Girl, however
continues to endeavor in making the world a better place.

* Girl

The small Magician Girl adored virginity…
However, times were rough. She subsequently suffers rape and humiliation…
This RPG is the story of a small Magician Girl confronting harsh reality.

* Characters

–small Magician Girl: Kurumi
A talented Magician Girl with a flat breast.
Can still be mentally immature.
Picky with food. Can be childish at times.
Not smart academically. Has good athleticism.
Often complains about being a Magician Girl,
however has pride and responsibility in her profession.

–Fairy: Tinkle
A fairy that supports Kurumi.
Originally supported Mature Magicians,
however was instructed to support Kurumi.
Despite the cute looks, she can be strict on the job.

–Close Friend: Milk
Kurumi’s close friend. Knows Kurumi from her youth.
Usually the first point of contact when Kurumi has something to consult.
Unlike Kurumi, is easy with most things.
Often teases Kurumi as childish.

–Boy: Yuki
The teenage boy helped by Kurumi.
Deeply respects Magician Girls since the incident.
Always caring of Kurumi.
A very disciplined, honest young man.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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