Girl Gachara A man who is taken down by a man and falls The Motion Anime

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Girl Gachara A man who is taken down by a man and falls The Motion Anime
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The hero who spends happy days with her. She belongs to the tennis club and is invited by a close friend of a club member to go to a tennis camp with alumni seniors. On the way home while having a casual conversation as usual That was the last time I saw her … It looks a little scary, but when I talk to him, he is a kind senior and a close friend. She was excited at the social gathering on the first day, hoping that this training camp would be fun. But that expectation is suddenly betrayed. He is charged with liquor and falls into the tactics of his seniors without knowing it. When I woke up, what awaited me was a desperate training camp …

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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