Tomoe’s lechery tale – A Woman Knight’s Love affair【English Ver】

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Tomoe’s lechery tale – A Woman Knight’s Love affair【English Ver】
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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

Product summary

* Type *

Sexual harassment RPG

* System *

A sexual harassment event occurs by talking to the residents.
Erotic CG can be seen even without collecting items.
A simple sexual harassment event, an event of HCG will occur.

When the day’s action is over, return home and rest in bed.
You can proceed to the second day in the trial version.

* Features of this game *

If you move from the base town to the next, it will soon be a poor town!
Residents are hungry for women, and if they see women, they want to have sex.
Furthermore, although you can make money at the brothel, of course-.

There is no complicated system! Specializing in erotic!
Strike a white desire in sexy limbs of Tomoe!

* Outline *

Tomoe, a knight who engages in the kingdom.
Suddenly one day, bribery is suspected and her daily life changes completely.

The Knight chief urged her to choose a large penalty or imprisonment.
When Tomoe hears that she will spend the rest of her life in jail for imprisonment, she chooses the penalty.
In addition, she is forced to earn money in the town of the outlying kingdom.

What happens to Tomoe who was made a false charge.

* Situations *

Sixty nine
Heterosexual rape
Restraint play
Group sex
Gang bang

* Others *

Change of clothes, state difference 4 types (Ragged, Naked, Dress, Pregnancy)
The condition of the heroine changes the response of most people in town.
Of course the contents of sexual harassment will also change.

Made by RPGtsukoolVXACE
The trick to open the memories completely is also implemented.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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