Tsuki Kagura

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The enemies are Western youkai, while the shrine maiden and Japanese youkai

The sacred mountain “Orinzan” where the battle between the Tsukimori Shrine, which protects the mountain, and the shrine maiden, Chimushihime, who bundles youkai and aims to rule the Orinzan, continues for a long time. As usual, two sister shrine maidens of Tsukimori Shrine stand in front of Hitenmaru, who is trying to pollute the spiritual veins. However, in the midst of a fierce battle, a sudden invasion of a ghost fleet flying in the sky, and foreign demons attack. Hitenmaru and two shrine maidens intercept the demons by joining hands in a hurry while being puzzled by foreign enemies. And a temporary truce due to the transaction between Chimushihime and the shrine. Hitenmaru teamed up with the shrine maidens of the enemy, Tsukimori, to compete for foreign demons.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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Tsuki Kagura

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