Imperial Capital Hiten Daisakusen

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Imperial Capital Hiten Daisakusen
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A completely different place, much like our world.
Or maybe another past that is connected to the history we know, but has evolved differently.
The time is 1926, the capital of the Empire of Japan, Tokyo, commonly known as the Imperial City. In the imperial capital, where both the reign of Kubo and the sundae of the Meiji era are a thing of the past,
Now, mechanical technology has begun to bloom brilliantly, and it has achieved a mysterious development in which the ancient Karakuri culture and landscape are fused.
The imperial capital was still filled with hustle and bustle today, being praised as the gem of the Far East or the phantom city of the Orient.
After a big world war before, and before another big war sign,
The world is in a kind of frenzy with a mixture of special demand and anxiety.
Even so, the people of the Imperial City generally enjoyed prosperity and enjoyment,
Recently, mysterious incidents have become more frequent, threatening not only the common people but also the well-being of the upper class.

Murder in the back alleys, kidnapping infants, arson robbery,
The number of vicious crimes such as forgery of money and sabotage has increased remarkably.
Moreover, all of them are extremely strange in their technique, and only those that “do not seem to be human work at all”.
Around the time of the frequent occurrence of these violent incidents, witness information of suspicious people was increasing in the imperial city.
They are both violent intelligence criminals who have emerged with the development of society and criminals who have flowed from abroad.
Even though it was a spy sent by the great powers, it was a youkai that was revived from an old age, and so on.
It’s been rumored a lot, but it’s only when people start to hint at the edge of their mouths.
“This is the work of youkai.”
“A non-human thing with a work beyond human knowledge is holding back behind all the evils.”
“That is the tengu.”
something like.
It’s an irresponsible and ignorant delusion, but people’s imaginations actually hit the truth.

in short—
Some of the thugs threatening the imperial capital were personal criminals,
Most of them were withdrawn by the “demons” and their sect, who have long lived in the darkness of this country.
A “tengu” had landed in the imperial capital of Hana.
At first, this tengu lived freely in the brilliantly developed imperial capital, enjoying civilization and prosperity.
First of all, I was terribly indignant at the fact that I was blamed for the many violent incidents that caused the imperial capital to make noise these days.
Then, behind the incident, he senses the smell of the old enemy “demon” and stands up to annihilate them.
…… As a result, even if the well-being of the people is trampled and the imperial capital is destroyed,
The “tengu” was completely unknown to him.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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