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Heinsberg, the land of the East. Here, a famous guild has a certain rite of passage.
The young lad Kaoru undertakes the rite, which is the dream of skilled warriors across the continent.
In the prime of his youth, he devoted himself to the trials of the guild.
He spent his life preparing for this.
But the trials were beyond anything he ever expected…


Now, the gears of “her” fate slowly click into place…

30 CG base images (not incl. variations or pose art)
H scenes comprising 155 total images of r*pe, exhibition, seduction, monster sex, prostitution and more
6 possible endings which change depending on two dynamic meters: lewdness and madness!
20 varieties of outfits (incl. fully nude)

– multiple endings based on parameter give you a reason to play different ways
– armor breakage reflects damage to Kaoru as her lewdness and madness increase!
– “battle f*ck” sexual assaults by Kaoru to enemies, and vice versa
– scene replay, encounter symbols, message skip and speed dash make for easy, fun play

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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