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“OK … I’m back …”

My name is “Yamamoto Daiakuji”.

He is an executive of the Wakame seaweed group, a regional management association that manages the city of Osaka.

As the battle with Wimi became fierce, the battlefield I went to with the intention of showing Minka-san a good toco I never thought it was such a shambles.

Thanks to that, it took me three years to come back.

If I hadn’t become a prisoner of war in a defeated country, I could have returned a little earlier … Well, I’m back anyway.

Let’s clean up and go see Minka-san!

However, when I go back to the group, I don’t know why, and he’s straddling the threshold of the group.

The orchid guy is at the top of the group … It seems that Wimi’s guidance policy is that “the top of the organization must be a woman”.

I don’t like the fact that I “give back my favor” to the group. I tried to bite it, but I just got home and I wasn’t in the right position.

Haha, it’s not cool … So, I was abandoned somewhere else because of a fight with a drunk I was taken to a place called “Midori Gaoka Youth Service Team”.

Apparently, because of Wimi’s policy, this youth service group It seems that the organization was newly created because the wakame seaweed group had an internal conflict and the regional management became sparse. …Just right.

I decided to send the women of the Youth Service Corps to my Nejo.

However, ostensibly, “the representative of the youth group is Aoba”.

Look … Originally this was my sima. I’ll let you like it. Then my new battle started …

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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