Policewoman Dog Gangbang Training

Product summary

* The contents of this game include bestiality, sexual violation, group violation, conception, and possibly offensive occurrences (rather, it consists of these.)
Those opposed to these scenarios please use your better judgement.

While patrolling on jurisdiction with her canine partner, Ron, policewoman Kasumi coincidentally runs into currently wanted robbers.
Unexpectedly, Kasumi is captured by the group of robbers who are at their wits end. The robbers confine her along with Ron, with no methods of communication.

Depending on whether you choose the “bestiality” route or the “gang violation” route, the storyline diverges. There are 6 possible ending, whether or not she can escape depends on your decisions!

Scenario: Yuri Amagi
Images: Butcher U
Voice: Hodaka Kaori

*Original Work uses the newest KIRIKIRI format*

Content Details

※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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