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Product summary

*** This is an RPG fully localized into English
*** By an English speaker, not by a machine or script.

*** An RPG about a tanned ‘Kogal’ princess

The protagonist, Meltys, is a non virgin,
single princess who fools around all day every day.
She stays outside of the castle all night
and takes naps in her room in the middle of the day.

That was the setting of Meltys’s peaceful life in the Kingdom of Rothstein.
However one day, it was suddenly invaded by Monsters!

Those Monsters were from the Underground Empire of Grolido.
They destroyed Castle Rothstein and wiped out all their troops.
Even all of Meltys’s big titty older sisters were captured……

“Well, I’ll like somehow fix everything!”

Despite being outmatched in a dangerous situation,
Meltys sets out on her quest with her typical upbeat demeanor.

This is the story of the beginning of a light hearted journey
that can quickly turn into a very erotic adventure……

*** What are some of the contents of these
*** Super high quality CG and scenes?

-In the basement of the church, obscene slurping sounds can be heard.
(Once you have a Nun Habit tailored, let’s visit the church.
Meltys will receive quite an unexpected confession…)

-Meltys who spent all her time fooling around, realizes the value of working for money!
(It takes a lot of capital to rebuild a castle.
Then the quickest way for a heroine with big boobs to raise money is…)

-Meltys is a natural slut. And the more sex she has, the more willing she is to admit it.
(As soon as she found a realistic looking dildo, she secretly
masturbates with it. But if someone sees her…)

-Meltys is someone who can not refuse when asked.
She will listen to even geezers and non humans.
(Despite looking frivolous, this princess is actually very emotional.
If someone tugs on her heart strings, she will respond positively…)

-Depending on the events, Meltys may turn to the side of darkness.
(The stronger a person’s sense of justice and righteousness is,
the harder they will fall when corrupted…)

-Pretty much all the bosses are female! Damage them to rip their clothes?
(There are a lot of attractive bosses that take up the whole screen,
and they will want to make Meltys their lover…)

-Earn sexual experience to level up Slut Level,
and open up more hardcore sex scenes!
(As Meltys’s sexual morality weakens, she will become more liberal.
The lewd drawings and text will reflect those changes…)

-Jerk off to the cuckold stories about the sub heroines!
(There are only very light cuckold elements.
Recommended for anyone who wants to fap to bite-sized guilt-free cheating…)

-Every enemy has a sex scene when you lose to them!
(Meltys isn’t the only one who is the focus of the sex scenes.
Even some of the sub heroines will be featured when you lose…)

-When you unlock a new costume, you might be able to see new sex scenes!
(With over 20 erotic costumes,
you get to pick how sexy you want Meltys to look…)

*** Did you think this was an RPG only
*** For jerking off?! There are difficulty modes!

Sorry. This is an RPG for jerking off.
However. There are two difficulty modes!

Normal: A stress-free hands-free adventure around the world collecting sex scenes.
Hard: A slightly difficult game if you don’t prepare before going into dungeons.

* Even after you finish the game, there is New Game Plus!

You can choose to carry over the sexual experiences, levels and items.
You can also choose to carry only the level and items
with the sexual experiences reset back to zero.
What would happen if you beat the game with no sexual experiences…….?!

There are also events and costumes exclusive to second playthroughs!
And at the end, all the sex scenes and CGs in Scene Mode will be unlocked.

*** Who shouldn’t play Meltys Quest?

1. People who do not like: chicks who tan, sluts,
non virgins, pregnant women (there are birthing scenes).
2. People who want a massive dungeon crawling experience.
The dungeons here are pretty short.
3. People who want a deep crafting system. The one here is simple and uncomplicated.
4. People who pick the Give Up command, and think they could still win the battle.
5. People who want sadistic situations. Everything in this game is meant to be lighthearted.
6. People who want to freely change Meltys’s skin color.

* Over 50 unique CGs, not counting avatar CGs.
* Over 40 sex scenes

* You can transfer your save data from the demo version to the retail version
* I recommend purchasing this game with a DLsite account so you can download future updates
* Please check that this game will run on your computer first by trying out the demo

*** Lead Developer/Artist/Writer: Sachinama
*** English Translator/Consultant/Coding/Debug : Rem

Compatible OS




Window7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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Meltys Quest v.1.2q English

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