AMAENBO – pampered boy –

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Your cousin’s house in a country town.
Your parents are busy, so they leave you there over the summer.
Your female cousins will listen to any request, and let you do things
you’ve never been able to do – naughty, naughty things.

Enjoy one unforgettable summer.

[Pixel art sandbox erotica]
You can have sex anywhere in your cousin’s house.
The erotic scenes are sure to satisfy you.

[Begging system]
Ask for things and they girls will hear you out.
“Show me your panties”, “Show me your tits”, “Suck me off” – they’ll
do anything! Seamless transitions between standing and sexual
situations, so it’s perfect for when you need a bit of quick release!

[Skill tree]
By making lots of memories, you can obtain a range of
positions, pleas and sexy skills.
Going for the cousins while they’re on the toilet,
while they’re sleeping…
The desires you never though you would be able to fulfill
will be fulfilled in the name of making memories.

[Explore the town]
Collect bugs, fish, and do all the things that make
summer what it is.
Of course, all kinds of encounters await.
Older girls, younger girls, even teachers….?
These encounters are sure to linger in your memory.

Yui: Aruha Kotone
Rio: Yuka Hinata
Miyuki: Tsubame Yuzuki

This game was made using RPG Maker MV.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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AMAENBO – pampered boy –

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