Remains Rebirth

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Something strange is happening in the world…
Time has stopped, space has become distorted,
people are disappearing, and mysterious creatures run wild.
Only those with special powers remained in this strange new land…

From a certain castle filled with those that remain,
our hero and his companions set forth to discover
the source of the anomaly and return their world to normal.

And maybe get busy along the way…

The last human to be taken to the castle.
He has special abilities, so everybody treats him differently.

A well-known magical prodigy.
She’s cool and confident, but falls for the hero since she’s never met anyone like him before.

A priestess from the desert kingdom of Ishla.
She’s friendly and treats the hero like her senior.

A paladin from the Quatre Kingdom.
She has decided she is the hero’s older sister. An open-minded and sweet girl.

The maid of the castle. She’s been investigating the anomaly as she cares for the residents.

Power up with sex!

The girls get stronger by having sex with the hero! The more they do it, the more they like him… and the hornier they get!

Features blowjobs, kissing + handjobs, titjobs, full-on sex, night creeping, sex for business and for pleasure, shrine maidens, schoolgirls, knights, maids, and more!

After H scenes, the heroines will get really into what you did. Don’t try each situation just once — they’ll get more and more excited each time!

Lots of ways to play!

Features a chat system!
Press the C key to talk to your party members while exploring the map! You can learn how they’re feeling, find out information about the surrounding area, or just goof around. Deepen your bonds by chatting!

Dungeons feature hidden treasures and optional bosses! Take your time and explore, or rush through and uncover the path forward — it’s all up to you!

– You can also collect materials to make items, plus utilize a skill tree that includes item and level-limited skills! Find out the secrets of the items you uncover.

Explore dungeons freely at your own pace! You can avoid touching enemies and avoid encounters altogether, too! Or, if you want, take it slow. Highways, towers, destroyed villages, desolate forests, and more await!

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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Remains Rebirth

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