Failure Witch Iris and the Philosopher’s Stone

Product summary


An RPG about 3 busty witches at a magic academy getting fucked by dirty middle-aged men and monsters.

Preg-belly bad ends are also included in the opening event and after being defeated by the last boss.


This is Kovadis Magic Academy, where young aspiring witches from all over come to study.
One day, protagonist Iris is summoned by the academy headmaster.
She is told she failed the advancement examination, even though for the past two years,
she’s been a perfect honor student.

Someone must have made a mistake, but the headmaster says nothing of the sort has occurred.
In the end, Iris is forced to go on a journey to gather the materials for the “Philosopher’s Stone”,
together with her childhood friend Noel, and her slutty junior Rin.

On their journey, they will have to overcome many trials , filthy dicks, and monster rape…
Will Iris be able to advance?

Game features

– Approx. 4-6 hours to clear
– An orthodox skill tree system
– Text-skip / auto modes included
– Ero statuses for all characters, including sub-characters
– View all CG events in the Gallery after clearing the game

– 34 base event CG
– Events mainly occur by fulfilling certain conditions in battle

Trial version

Save data from the trial version cannot be transferred to the full version

Content Details

※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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