Fallen Princess Knight Anastia ~a curse crest that fertilizes sperm of any species~

Product summary

Fucked by all males. Get fucked, fertilize, get pregnant, get fucked again

The sense of the world is a third person RPG. It is possible to rush into the erotic scene in a minimum of 5 seconds.
There is no need to raise the level! Battles, quests, items, etc. are merely productions for the erotic scenes and are not essential.

The erotic scene is completely open from the beginning, and there are no restrictions due to levels or the like.

It is fucked just as it is done.
It is fucked after resisting.
Lost in battle and get fucked.
The body is presented and it is fucked.
Get fucked while sleeping.
It’s all your freedom.

Open world RPG specializing in erotic!

There are many erotic animations that lively move in Live2D, 3D fields, NPCs and monsters, and minimum quests.
The stories other than the synopsis have been abolished so that you can freely delusion!

Implemented a ”delusional cave (reminiscence mode)” that allows you to see all sex scenes from the beginning!
Because it is a princess’s delusion, you can play your favorite scenes without affecting princess achievements or pregnancy♪

・Over 30 Live2D erotic animations
・Over 350 heroine voices
・Over 1000 sex words
・Over 15 types of villagers and monsters
・High resolution play by original application
・Cross section of the womb can be turned ON/OFF at any time!
・There is a skip setting for those who do not like the birth scene
(Settings that do not lead to pregnancy are also possible ♪)


・Gangbang from two goblins
・Being stabbed violently by the bumpy needle of a murder bee
・Mate mercilessly from the Devil Hound outdoors
・A princess who is instantly defeated by a dragon and treated like an sex sleeve
・Being fucked by a blacksmith when you take off for repair of armor
・Sell your body instead of bread
・Violated by villagers by the guide of the innkeeper
・Forced to donate in the priest’s private room
・Being caught for stealing an apple and being fucked by a resident
・Fucked by a woman-hungry prisoner in prison
・Your body is polluted by a stinking beggar
・Forcibly fucked by a small penis from the son of a power
・Instead of bail, give your body to a prison guard

Fertilization and childbirth

The menstrual cycle accelerated by the curse will complete in about 10 minutes.
Simulates physiology-ovulation-fertilization-pregnancy-delivery.

Eggs and sperms are added as items to your “belongings” and each has a lifespan.
If someone has sperm in your vagina at the time of ovulation, you may be fertilized.
Due to the curse, sperm of all races fertilize, even if it is not human.

If the time has passed without any problems, the fertilized egg, the fetus, and finally give birth.
(After giving birth, the child is taken to church)

[For advanced users] You can edit the setting file and customize the pregnancy probability and time.

Villagers, fat villagers, young villagers, robbers, beggers, prisoners, jailers, Priests, guards, innkeepers, armor shop owners, tool shop owners, Dragon, Killer bee, Devilhound, goblin, Worm(NEW!) More than 16 kinds

■Game specifications
Scenes: 30 over
Animations: 218
Multi-end: None (you can continue playing after ending)
Chapter playback (recollection mode): Yes (all scenes can be played at any time in the Delusional Cave)
Operating environment: Windows/Mac touch panel compatible
Screen size: 1280×720 ~ 7680×4320(8K)
Supported languages: Japanese, English (English) All texts including scenarios are supported English
Voice: Full voice only for the protagonist (CV: Yuka Hinata)
Virgin Clear: Impossible

・This game is developed using Unity (Win and Mac compatible)
・Please be sure to check the operation with the trial version.
・The save data of the trial version is designed so that it can be used in the product version as well, but please note that it may be difficult due to future specification changes.

Compatible OS





Content Details

※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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