The Loser With The Enormous Penis: A Dream Harem School Story

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In the near future, where men’s penises and purposes had shrunk to miniscule size, the birthrate had dropped to dangerous lows. Everything came down to one valuable asset: having a massive cock!

Big, fat, thick, fully engorged wangs are worshiped by a female society deeply in need of satisfaction!

Enter our hero, an unattractive guy with the lowest status of anyone at school… until it’s discovered that he’s got a cock like Popeye’s forearm! From loser to lover, celibate to celebrated, experience the dream harem-f*cking rise of one lucky man born in the right time, at the right girth!

* More sex than anyone can handle!
Nonstop action. That girl and that girl and that girl too! Everyone in class spreads wide begging for your seed.

* Become a sex friend to school sluts!
The trashy gal, the naturally erotic vixen, the beautiful track and club runner, the gangster chick, the pristine teenage model. Only in this wonderful world can you get them all in one room and have them all fall on your member with worship lust!

* 5 heroines with tons of erotic play!

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

CircleProduct List

[Video version] Demon King Mother and Daughter NTR Seeding Dick Affair Hypnosis
My friend’s big-breasted mom is all mine! Sleeping with my friend’s mom and impregnating her in a harem
【Video version】Elf Seeding Farm
[Video version] Succubus insemination park ~ Make the demons who feed on humans understand, impregnate them, and play around with them as a masturbation attraction ~
【Video version】A pirate sex life where a manly big-breasted pirate and a serious officer are impregnated and turned into masochists with just one big dick.
【Video version】The Guild’s Sexual Circusmtances ~Elven Beauties Stolen and Enslaved~
My boss, a serious and cool big-breasted married woman, impregnates me and masturbates!
【Video version】 Impregnated Onahole Demon King’s Army – An upstart harem built by using the power of a big dick and a thief to get the most evil females into small fry men.
【Video ver】Big-boobed gals who use their house as a hangout are made to understand with a big dick! ~ A harem sex life where they just fuck the female monkeys! ~
The Loser With The Enormous Penis: A Dream Harem School Story

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