The Sacrificed Girl – The Cave of the Water God -【English Ver】

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The Sacrificed Girl – The Cave of the Water God -【English Ver】
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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

Product summary

** Storyboard

In a village, the dry season was lasting longer than usual, and even the water of the well eventually dried up.

There was a myth in that village, saying that if a young girl was to be sacrificed to the Water God, the Water God could help to make it rain.
The people of the village started saying that they should sacrifice someone to the Water God, and the village mayor agreed and started gathering crowds to choose a sacrifice.
A young girl named Chiyuki was chosen to become a sacrifice to the Water God.

On the day that Chiyuki was heading to the back of a cave where the Water God was said to live,
Mika and Kaori who were not happy with her going followed her,
and they were also brought into the back of the village to ask for rain, but not as a sacrifice…

** Product Introduction

A short RPG game where 3 girls venture into a cave where animals lie, to solve a mystery.
If you are looking for a more intense RPB, “Lolicon Detectives ~Succubus Home where Ghosts Gather~” is recommended.

If you make the wrong choice or talk at the wrong time, you may be raped and end up in a bad ending.
You go on with the game by repeating bad endings while looking for the correct answer to get to the true ending.

Moreover, the ending will change depending on whether the girls stay virgins or not.
In order toplead for rain to the Water God without becoming the sacrifice, you must solve the mysteries of the cave and get to the Water God.

This is a story about three flat-chested girls getting raped relentlessly.

** Sex Scenes

Heterogenous rape – lots of sex with animals.
All events have high quality voices!

– Chiyuki: Mei Satsuki
– Mika: Pako Shirakawa
– Kaori: Mei Satsuki

** Character

– Chiyuki
Believing the myth that a sacrifice of a young girl will make it rain,
she was chosen by the Water God.

– Mika
Chiyuki’s friend with pig-tails. Energetic and strong-minded.

– Kaori
Chiyuki’s friend with a bob. Mature and quiet.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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