Magical inspector Momo【English Ver】

Product summary

** Prologue

I, Momo, am a sorceress.
I am also a special inspector in the shadow conspiracy section of this kingdom.

This mission is to infiltrate the premises of the bad guys, and grab evidence of wrongdoing!
Just now, she broke into the home of the merchants who loaned money dishonestly and made people cry.
They managed to obtain the carefully hidden back ledger.

This was sent to the headquarters of the organization by transfer magic, and tomorrow the merchant in this case shall be obtained.
It feels good to do something nice!

** Game

Magic inspector momo exposes the secrets of the bad guys!
Infiltrate without being found out or caught in a trap!

The standing figure in the action scene is in “full animation” including sex scenes!
More than 2000 animation scenes! Move in a slimy way!

Voice by “Phan Masaki”!

Using the “F5 key”, the screen size can be changed between equal to double size!

If you are caught by the lookout, you will be taken to a holding room and raped immediately!

The event sex scenes, with descriptive text, have sex training for Momo and the other girls!
If you are caught twice in the same place, you will get even further sex abuse…!!

Overcome the sex traps!
Milking, tie ropes, slime, undressing beam in the tentacle…!
Escape with continuous blows!

Action is a simple spec with low difficulty level. Enjoy in a casual way.

Content Details

※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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