Shotacon Quest -My Penis Is Targeted!-【English Ver】

Product summary

** Tales

It’s been 100 years since the hero Dekachin led the world to peace.
Everyone thought that peace would last forever.
But that peace didn’t last long.
Moonmun Castle was being attacked by the demon king’s men, who had just been resurrected.
The adventure of Prince Chota (the main character) began when the soldiers of Moonmun Castle,
who had escaped unsustainablely, told the king of Loresian Castle about this.

** The largest volume in circle history

More than 30 nasty dots! (Animated!) )
More than 20 illustrations! (Animated!) )
More than 20 kinds of cut-in!

We will send it in a large volume.
Moreover, dots and illustrations are also anime!

** Battle Fuck

The battle will be animated battle fuck.
In order to realize this battle, a programmer was used and it was realized.

The enemy attacks the hero.
The main character who was attacked will be raped.

** Character (It is an introduction of only the main character)

The young prince of Loresian Castle.
He has a hot-blooded personality, but he has a very shota personality.
He is often sexually harassed by girls because of his appearance.
When he was informed that Moonmun Castle had been destroyed, he was ordered to subdue the Demon King.

Summer (disambiguation)
The Princess of Samarudrian Castle.
She has a bullish personality and likes shota. She’s a jerk who trains her brother a lot.
She cares a lot about her small breasts. Go out to subdue the devil with Shian

The Princess of Moonmun Castle.
She has a polite personality who speaks in a good way.
But she’s a big-breasted and she’s actually dark.
She likes Schota, but she’s also interested in Les.
Noon also set out on a journey to subdue the Demon King with Shian.

The female devil who rules this world.
Day and night to rule the world, she is kidnapping and raping Shota.

The female pirate who dominates the sea.
She has a manly personality and is so like a man that she calls herself “me.”
She rapes Shota wildly.

A female mage with a high magical power.
She was originally Nyago’s aide.
However, she was angry because Nyago did not give up the sota that Nyago had kidnapped, and betrayed Nyago.
She loves Schota and is frustrated.

a female bandit
She has a bullish personality, but she is not interested in men.
Actually, she’s a lesbian.
She doesn’t hate Schota, but she doesn’t care about shota.

The goddess who lives in the tower.
If you give five balls, she will appear.
You can get valuable items.
However, because of her great sexual desire, Shota will have a bad experience.

In addition, various characters such as maids, stone women, monster ladies, young ladies, members of the shota club will come out.

** Productions

Hurricane Dot Com (Dotter)
It was produced by a craftsman who has been hitting dots for 30 years!
Please enjoy the dot of attention.

Fujihan (Illustrator)
Carefully drawn illustrations that Sota is attacked!

TRS (Programmer)
Programmer who reproduces the world of the shotacon and battle fuck.

** Other

Please confirm the operation in the trial version.

The information of the game is published in the blog.
Please feel free to come and see us.

Content Details

※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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