Reverse rape thief, Alea【English Ver】

Product summary

** Contents

Find boys and be a Reverse rape bitch
If you succeed, you can fuck boys
If you fail, you are gonna be fucked

Collect info during the day and steal at night
Be prepared before the infiltration

As you steal, your level goes up so as your skills
It’s up to you
Plan, with tools, weapons, or skills

Try not to get caught while infiltration
Get tresures and boys!

** Characters

– Alea Sputol

There is a Reverse rape thief well known in Elikia
The woman named Alea
“She loves boys sexsually, and hate adults.”

“All boys are mine!”

– Liton Krutelt

She sells stealing tools and is a friend of Alea
She supports Alea and sometimes come hard on her
She worries a lot, and sometimes has fight with her for being sloppy, but never stop stealing stuff

Keys to open any doors and a rope should always with you!

** Scenario

There are two endings
Stealing the Prince’s virginity or Getting caught and be pregnant

** Battle

There are four commands in battles, attack, steal, tools, or defend
To steal gets you away from the battle, but give opponents damage a little
There are may tools for attack, recover, or defend. You can use them to fight with a strong opponent

** Request

You receive an request as time goes by
The request varries
Accomplishing them, you can earn money and experiences
There are events or items you see only when you receive requests
The ending events shows only when your level goes up a certain level

** black marketeer.

Accomplishing the request from black marketeers, there more to buy from them

Content Details

※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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