Sorceress Tia and the Great Library of Wonder ~Save the World with H Appraisals & Healing~

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Sorceress Tia and the Great Library of Wonder ~Save the World with H Appraisals & Healing~
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The tale unfolds in a world where magic is common and accepted in everyday life.
Tia and Lumielle are twins, and descendants of a great sorcerer.
The two run a clinic in a remote town called Almeria.

One day while they are eating, they hear a strange sound from the clinic basement.
It’s coming from their ancestor’s archive in the basement…
Thinking it may be a ghost, the two go to check things out.
There, they see a tome sealed with strange light.
When Tia tries to touch the tome, the seal is broken, and the ancient book opens by itself…

From the book springs a mist and a succubus named Elaine,
who promptly defeats them, takes their virginity, and brands them with a lewd mark.
Finally, Lumielle is sucked into the book….

“If you can find your sister, I’ll return her to you.
However, if you don’t start having lots of sex, something bad will happen to her…”

It’s up to Tia to search for her beloved sister, while trying not to drown in a sea of pleasure.

* Systems *

[Ero Appraisals]
Tia possesses an H appraisal power that can restore items that have lost their form to their former glory!
The H appraisal can be conducted via handjob fellatio, breast fuck, or pussy.
Depending on the method, the items will gain additional effects.

[Shameful Treatment System]
Due to the influence of the succubus Elaine’s mist, the civilians of Tia’s town are filled with lust.
Tia of course can treat them by giving them what they desire…
It’s also important to give such treatment now and then, lest they get violent…

[Confined Training System]
The captured Lumielle receives sexual punishment and training any time Tia isn’t having sex!
As she is trained, records of her punishment are sent straight to Tia.
Something bad might occur if she receives too much training…

[Dress-up System]
It’s possible to buy clothes, which you can mix and max to your liking!
The clothing you choose will be shown in the pose art as well as the H scenes!

[Mind Break System]
The lewd mark inscribed by Elaine wears on Tia’s consciousness, and lowers her resistance to sex.
As her pleasure grows, the only remedy for her twitching body is some fresh semen!

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Window7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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