Mart and Tetra【English Ver】

Product summary

** Story

One day, me Tetra was walking in a dungeon.
I helped Mart,ex-Demon king by chance.
She took my body, so I was lost, but…

“I will make you Hero. Let’s defeat the present Demon king with me!!”

I was so weak that I dreamed of becoming a hero.
I decided to take the propsition of ex-Demon king to defeat the Demon king.

Me, who can’t fight but can save magic power, and ex-Demon king, who can fight but can’t save magic power.
Will we be able to defeat the Demon king in the end?

** Game

This game is RPG game. Switch two characters and defeat the Demon king(or Hero).
Sex situation changes depending on the character you control.

This game contains multi endings.
Can you able to see the true happy ending?

A strategy flowchart is contained in the product version.

** Sex scene

Illustration: Kesoshiro

Sex situation changes depending on the character you control.
Demon king, who is high pride and lewd, has got “different species sex”, “blowjob” and “torture”.
Tetra has got “lost virgin”, “rape”, “ecstasy”,”ravaged”,”big cock”, “pregnancy” and “tentacles”.

** Characters

Main character
Polite and kind to everyone, but very low level adventurer.

Another character. Ex-Demon king.
Trying to revenge the present Demon king.
She has sexual desire and likes sex.

Content Details

※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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