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Zarandara is an action game in the style of a bullet-hell roguelike.

Zarandara is an action game in the style of a bullet-hell roguelike.
The power of Shakti allows you to recover Mp through sexual intercourse, and when your climax gauge is at its maximum, your Hp and Mp are fully recovered.
You can use slashes to cancel bullets and destroy terrain with some weapons. By acquiring items, the heroine can get piercings and change her outfit.
Get weapons and other items in dungeons to get the upper hand in the battle against the giant killing weapon Giga Flame!


Zarandara, the emperor, priest, and strongest warrior of the Asuras,
is turned into a sex-crazed monster by a “supernatural being” as punishment for failing to protect his beloved wife, Vrinda.
At the same time, the mysterious “Black Carnage” appears all over the Indus continent,
indiscriminately killing all humans.
Zarandala and his wife, Vrinda, are led by the mysterious Vedic tribe,
the Mofini, on a grueling journey to stop the Black Carnage by destroying the killing weapons and performing the “Shakti Ritual” in various locations.


Every time you attack, you will consume MP, which can be recovered by performing a sexual act called “Shakti Charge”.
You can recover MP by performing a sexual act called “Shakti Charge”.
There is a cool time after the enemies attack, so choosing whether to attack or recover is the key to victory.
You can also use slashes to eliminate the enemy’s barrage.
Treasure chests contain weapons, dash performance upgrades, and items that power up your Hp and Mp.

*If you have difficulty in clearing the game on a high difficulty level,
we have implemented a complete invincibility mode as a help function, so please use it if you are not good at action.
*The heroine’s pregnancy mode will be unlocked after defeating the last boss.
*After the big update, additional scenarios, additional CG, new bosses,
and a true roguelike dungeon with high difficulty will be implemented.

Game System1

  • In addition, by collecting Zepto Machines, which are dropped when you defeat enemies,
    you can start from the beginning in the custom menu,
    raise your level, open up the entire MAP, and advance the action in your favor.
  • In the boss battle, use shielding and cool time to save up MP with Shakti Charge.
    When the climax gauge is accumulated, Hp and Mp will be fully recovered,
    and “Shakti Burst”, an attack with no Mp consumption for a certain period of time,
    will be activated. This is your chance to collapse all at once.
  • After the middle stage, there is a boss that destroys shields without question.
    A moment’s carelessness can be fatal.
  • Once you have defeated the boss, perform the “Shakti Ritual” to seal the “Black Killing”.
    What awaits you at the end of this journey: …..

Game System2

  • They appear from time to time. These rainbow-colored enemies drop treasure chests when you defeat them.
    If you don’t defeat them right away, they will run away, so defeat them quickly.
  • The stages are random and can be in the evening or at night.
    Also, more than 40 different songs are randomly played as BGM.
    There are also multiple songs for boss battles,
    so you won’t get bored even if you try again and again.
  • Pregnancy mode will be unlocked after defeating the last boss.
    The costumes in pregnancy mode are slightly different from those in normal mode in some areas.
  • In the middle of the game, the BGM changes to a tense one,
    and a mid-boss may break in! It is not necessary to defeat them,
    but if you do, they will drop a lot of treasure chests.
    Do your best to defeat them! If it seems impossible, you can also run away!

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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