Assassin Asuka【English Ver】

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Assassin Asuka【English Ver】
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* Synopsis

Kochoube family.
It is one of the well know family by a specific people, as the family who made living with assassination.
Kochoube family is connected to the government in the back and, there are rumors that they kill a lot by getting request from those who are working in the central of the country.
However, this truth was still in mystery for the society……

Recently in the family, a new assassin was born.
Kochoube Asuka
She was born between a mother who works as an assassin and, a father who is the instructor at the Kendo dojo.
Aska was raised strictly by them and, she also become an assassin with great sword skill.

However, although she is an assassin, she is still in training.
She continued to make mistakes and, have put herself into various dangerous situations.
She worked with her mother and father all the time but,
her mother thought that she will not grow if they carried on so,
she ordered her to work on assassination job on her own.
Asuka was worried and tries to assassinate the target but, was paid back instead and, got raped …

* Characters
Kochoube Asuka
Since she has been practicing swords skills and assassination from childhood,
she has great physical ability.
But, her technique and her mindset is still lacking hence, she fails often.
She has a mind set of Chūnibyō being an assassin.
She acts as a normal and quiet girl at school and,
she is popular among both female and male.

* Erotic scene

As Asuka works on various assassination request, she fails continuously…
Once a female assassin is captured by the enemies, they will get raped and insulted…
Nevertheless Aska worked really hard as an assassin…

The event is about Asuka who is a loli with small tits get raped.
She will be forced to work as a prostitute even at a place she escaped to,
from failing her mission and from conspiracy.
Where will Asuka end up…

The illustrations express small tits, that is typical for lolis.
Please check out how her tits are shaped.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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