The Magician’s Lust【English Ver】

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The Magician’s Lust【English Ver】
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** Story

Julie, who is a handyman in a small town,
lived happily with her little sister Remi, her friend Sherley,
the blacksmith Horon, and the nun Maletta.

One day, when she went to the forest, she saw a demon she had never seen before,
and it suddenly started attacked the women of the town.
The quiet town underwent a complete change,
and it became full of the attacked women’s unladylike voices……

The heroines will get tortured by the demons and climax.
Enjoy the ungraceful O faces of the girls.

** Sex Scenes

It is a story of small-breasted girls experiencing sex.
Lots of heterogenous rape with lots of inhuman creatures!
The main characters, and other characters will be raped by slime or tentacles.

Other than that, they may become the goblin’s plaything for hours,
or be raped by Oak’s “thing” bigger than an arm……
Huge vibrator, anal rape too!

She even gets attacked by the doctor that she once trusted……

** Characters

– Julie
Makes a living out of bein a handyman, familiar with using a sword.
Not good with mornings. Takes good care of her little sister.

– Remi
Julie’s sister. Loves chores and often takes care of Julie.
Is very mature in the home, but there are still things in society she has not been acquainted with.

– Shirley
Childhood friends with Julie and owns a tool store.
Has a serious and cool vibe, but is still sociable.
Often makes requests to Julie.

– Horone
A girl who is training to become a blacksmith.
A popular girl.

– Maletta
A woman who works as a nun at the church.
Has a soft and devoted personality and is loved by both men and women.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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