Rookie 20-year-old sister AV debut! !! Rin Yuki

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Rookie 20-year-old sister AV debut! !! Rin Yuki
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■ □ ■ Story ■ □ ■
Rin Yuki is a talented woman who attends a famous private university.
Her younger brother is beautiful from my point of view, has a good personality, and is a proud Ne-chan who is not embarrassed wherever she goes.

She often goes shopping with her and is so close that she can be mistaken for her boyfriend.
She said that one day she was ridiculous.

“Because I started working on AV. Don’t tell your dad and mom. “

Ne-chan was crazy in the video.
To be honest, she was by far the most erotic AV I’ve seen in the last few years.

“A little. I’m not even going to take care of your Shimo. Don’t look at it, right? “

…… This is the story of a sad younger brother who has become an AV actress with a close sister.

■ □ ■ Appearing characters ■ □ ■
● Rin Yuki (CV: Rika Fujino)
Born in a local city.
She is a third year student at a famous private university.
She had two boyfriends in the past, but she has three experienced people.
Currently she has no specific partner.
She has worked part-time at a bar and she wants to have her own store in the future.
She lives with her younger brother (hero) in Tokyo.

● Isamu Yuki
A first-year student attending a university in Tokyo.
He is currently living with his sister Rin.
Siblings are very good friends and are often mistaken for couples.
However, he only sees him as a close sister, and he is a very healthy sibling.
She has never been in the past and she is still a virgin.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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