Heroic Princess Milia

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Heroic Princess Milia
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Milia has inherited the title of hero! But it was actually supposed to go to the prince, Rick.
Rick was executed for his perverted crimes, but his spirit lingers…
and makes a contract with the Demon Lord so that he can possess Milia!

Take control of a high-level hero and gradually wear down her sense of reason!
She starts with panty flashes, then gradually gets more depraved. She may even become a sex slave.

Production: 天どん
Scenario: 天どん&雪ちょこ
Illustration: ハーパー

This game was created with RPG Maker VX Ace and requires the corresponding RTP file to run.

Please confirm compatibility via the demo version before purchase.


Use a magical item to hypnotize the heroine Milia and control her actions!
Raise her lewd level, erode her reason — but don’t worry, the H scenes will happen no matter what!

Includes a flashback system and non-hypnotized versions!


At last, a system that lets you turn Milia into a loli!
And of course, the H scenes will change along with her.
And don’t forget the wide variety of outfits to choose from!

Lots of ways to enjoy lolification!

【Outfit Changes】

Over ten different outfit tpes! Armor, maid, school uniform, bunny girl, underwear, bikini armor,
and more! Including loli versions, that’s 20 types!

Lots of smaller variations, too!

Over 400 H scenes!

Sex, blowjobs, anal, handjobs, pissing, thighjobs, and more!

You can make her work at a brothel!

Outfit changes affect the H scenes!

Plenty of defeat sex, too!

【Lots of Different Endings!】

Collect the Three Sacred Treasures and defeat the Demon Lord, collect the Three Cursed
Tokens and corrupt the heroine, sell her into slavery, turn her into a slut, have her sell out
her own country — tons of ways to finish your playthrough!

That includes a virgin ending, too!

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Window7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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Heroic Princess Milia

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