Kati the Possessed

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Kati the Possessed
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She has the power to repel violence. However, she’s perhaps too kind to use it–

Heroine Kati has the power of absolute defense.As she searched the town for mementos of her mother,the number of people precious to her increased.And that kindness may prove to be her downfall in this exploration RPG.


Kati was raised preciously, sheltered away from the evils of society.
She was living a peaceful life…until a large incident through everything into chaos.
Her father, the mayor, is captured and imprisoned by a rogue church.
It is declared Kati is possessed by an evil spirit, and she is to be exiled in a precious few days.
Until then, she is somewhat free to do as she wishes.
In the little time she has left, she sets off into town to search for mementos of her lost mother.

However, she didn’t yet realize that her every move was also a trap set by the church…


In this exploration game with no battles, players control Kati,
and try to gather mementos of her mother in the limited time she has left..at least,
that’s what it seems.

As she explores, she builds relationships with various people, and the list of people
she wishes to protect grows ever larger.
However, she cannot use her possessed powers for anything other than self-preservation.

How will she be able to overcome the various (mostly sexual) trails that await her?
What route will she follow, the one that involves tossing aside her dignity,
or the one that allows her to retain it?

2 Routes

If you want to see H scenes, you’ll want to follow the Humiliation route,
which sees Kati fulfilling sexual requests in order to get what she needs, or save people.

If you only wish to progress along this route, there is a difficulty mode that allows just that.
As well, choices are color-coded so you know what route you’re progressing on.

After clearing the game, all H scenes are unlocked in the album, in case you missed some.

The Dignity route involves clearing the game without almost any H.
It’s for those seeking a good ending, and those who enjoy the story aspect of the game.

The story takes place a little after “WE ARE BANDITS!!”


43 base CG
280+ variations
47 H scenes
9 heroine pose art poses
1008×624 resolution

Original sprites
Support for mouse / keyboard / gamepad
Text log / skip / auto functions
CG gallery & album mode
3 message windows
Check game progress, triggered events, etc. under “Note” on the main menu

Made in RPG TKool MV
Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.
Updates are planned in the future


◆Explore a beautiful fantasy city!

◆Talk with a variety of interesting characters!Important characters have their own pose art.

◆H Scenes!

CG has its own window, so nothing is in the wayH scenes are mainly focused on coercion.

◆Fully-featured UI

Compatible OS





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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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Kati the Possessed

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