Rookie Knight Rathi

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Rookie Knight Rathi
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Product summary

Go to a hypnotic-dominated city in search of the missing knight captain!

・ Story
A world where monsters are sealed under the ground and summon a dungeon from the ground to invade the ground

Rathi, a new knight of the Knights of the Forten Kingdom, was tasked with searching for the missing knight captain Ofelia on his first mission.
Rathi, who has a past where his hometown was burned by monsters and helped by Knight Chief Ofelia, is confused
Heading to Sujarta, the town where the knight captain has disappeared

When Rathi arrives at Sujarta, he talks to the mayor and says he’s still in the dungeon and doesn’t come back.
The mayor is asked to stay in the town and capture the dungeon, and Rathi begins searching for the knight captain and capturing the dungeon …

But Sujarta was secretly dominated by hypnosis …

・ About the game
Erotic main short RPG!
The battle progresses with a low difficulty symbol encounter and captures the dungeon.
If you lose to a monster in the dungeon, you will be given hypnosis, and an event scene will occur by talking to the people in the town in the hypnotic state.

・ Other
This game is produced by RPG Maker MV.
Since we have a Ci-en, please send us your impressions and bug reports here.
I think I will talk about progress and updates on Ci-en.

・ Materials used
Sound effect: Daphnia material (CV Fan Masaki)

・ There is a possibility of bug fixes and updates.
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・ About the trial version
Since the trial version also serves as an operation check, please be sure to check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.
In the trial version, you can see the early play and the first stage erotic scene

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Window7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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Rookie Knight Rathi

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