Koikatsu! After school DL version

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Koikatsu! After school DL version
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To play this work, you will need the main part of “Koikatsu! DL version”.

◆ That blockbuster “Koikatsu! ] Append disc 2nd is already available!
The popular “Koikatsu! 』\
In response to enthusiastic requests, the second additional disc is already available.
We will deliver the additional element volume full score this time as well!

◆ Four new personalities have appeared! The fun of character makeup will expand further!
“Koikatsu! There are four new personalities that will appear in “After School”.

◎ S-ki cv. Amane Otaka “Disappear from me right now, stupid figure”
◎ Returnee cv. Natsuhi Misora ​​”Good Morning Goaisatsu, hug Shima Show ♪”
◎ Dialect girl cv. Mami Yahiro “What are you doing in club activities?
◎ Emotionless cv. Haruka “A person like you is called a metamorphosis.”

Each has a unique personality, and “Koikatsu! You can enjoy the world of.

◆ Dating events have been greatly strengthened! There are more places to go and the contents are substantial!
This time, the date event to spend with girls will be further strengthened.
Amusement parks, karaoke, hotels, etc …
The number of places you can go has increased significantly, and the content of the event has been enhanced. The time you spend with your lovers will become more and more enjoyable.

◆ New H scenes are also available! Multiple H of dreams surrounded by girls will also be added!
The long-awaited new H scene is also here! How, multiple Hs are introduced, sandwiched between girls!
In addition, there are plenty of new elements such as train H and masturbation peeping to H.
You can enjoy a sweet and rich time with your favorite girls.

◆ Costumes and hairstyles have also been added! Wider range of character makeup
Also, new outfits such as wedding dresses and straight curls
Hairstyles, puff sleeve tops and volume necks that can be used on dates
Plain clothes such as hoodies will also be added.
Please enjoy the more and more fulfilling character makeup function.

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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