Hibino’s house is an eroge shop!

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Hibino’s house is an eroge shop!
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This is close to Goko station
Quiet residential area “Kamitokomachi”.

The old-fashioned general store “Hibino Shoten” on the edge of a lonely shopping street
Following the declaration of retirement of the owner’s grandfather, he decided to close the business.

From the desire to keep a store with a strong feeling
After discussions, the three sisters of the granddaughter who live together
We decided to renovate it into another store and continue Hibino Shoten.

“If you want to be free, I want to make it your favorite shop!”

Due to the strong assertion of the self-degrading eldest daughter, who usually has no fragment of motivation
Suddenly one day, “Hibino Shoten”, which has been loved by the community for 50 years,
Reborn as an eroge specialty store “HIBIKI NO SHOP”!

–The eldest daughter who loves eroge “Yukari Hibino”
–The second daughter of a solid one, “Tsumugi”
–Sexually innocent third daughter “Yui Hibino”

No knowledge other than her eldest daughter. Even though it will be reopened
As expected, a shop cannot be established with only three sisters, so she was her second daughter’s classmate.
Her childhood friend, “Kurama Ren,” will work as a part-time job.

ADV that delivers the eroge industry from the perspective of a clerk.
Selling eroge is difficult just because you like eroge!

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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