Magical Warrior Emerode Nights

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Magical Warrior Emerode Nights
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■ Story
A transitional period of turmoil in which magic is being recognized.
In the world, disasters called “magical disasters” caused by magical power occur frequently,
People still had a feeling of aversion to magic.
The controversy involving politics, whether to accept the unknown existence of magic, never ends.
Those who hold the power are plotting in the dark because of their desires.
Meanwhile, the existence of girls fighting with magical powers comes to be talked about.
Magical Warriors-Who called them, they were becoming known by that name.
Haruka Mihaku, the first female student in this country to attend an international teaching school, a school that incorporates magic as a curriculum.
Studying alchemy at her school, she was Emerodefine, a magical warrior who protects people from the threat of demons.
Emerode Lapis left by her father who was a researcher of her alchemy.
Haruka, who was transformed by her power, was led by Ariko Tachibana and Ki Kagashima, who are teachers of the International Teaching Academy.
She will be involved in the battle as one of the new magical warriors.
She works with the magical warrior Exceed Nights, who is also enrolled in the International Teaching Academy like Haruka, to protect people from magical disasters.
And Kiel, who lost everything, begins to make a leap again as a member of Silva Radcliffe’s organization “Arquezest”.
One day, her transfer student, Kuro Ukasumi, appears in front of Haruka.
With that encounter, Haruka and Kasumi, their fate began to move significantly.



● Emerode Fine / Haruka Mishiro
Students of the International Teaching Academy.
To take over her late father, Ryohei Mihaku’s research on alchemy, she enrolled in the International Teaching Academy, which has a magic department.
She was finally completed by Ryohei, and Emerode Lapis, the culmination of his research, caught the eye of Nana Basho, a teacher and magic researcher at the International Teaching Academy, and by her hands the magical warrior Emerode. Evolve into a system that transforms into a fine.
Haruka chooses to fight as her magical warrior, embracing her feelings for her father.
She has a tolerant and gentle personality.
She also actively participates in volunteer activities.

“I can’t forgive myself for being in a safe place, even though I have the power to protect those who suffer.”

● Kurou Kasumi / Emerode Misty
Students of the International Teaching Academy.
She is an out-of-season transfer student who has transferred to Haruka’s class.
Her true identity is an intelligence agent aiming at Emerodefine’s EMEROAD system.
Kasumi, who is retired and is not good at socializing, gradually deepens exchanges as she gets caught up in the pace of Haruka, who takes good care of her.
But that bothers her as her spy.
In her story, an event triggers Kasumi to gain her own new possibilities.

“But this is a mission … given to me, who was unsuccessful … I can’t afford to fail …!”

● Ariko Tachibana / Elixir Lime
A teacher at the International Teaching Academy.
She is in charge of practical lessons in the magic department.
She has a bright and refreshing personality and is very popular with her students.
She is one of the Elixir Nights, and she is also an Elixir Lime, and she teaches Emerode Nights and Exceed Nights sometimes rigorously and sometimes gently.

“As a senior magic warrior, as a school teacher, I have to show some good points.”

● Kagashima Ki / Elixir Rose
A teacher at the International Teaching Academy.
He is mainly in charge of classroom lessons in the magic department.
He has a serious and elegant personality.
Perhaps because of his good looks and strong personality, his students have been enthusiastic about him as a longing existence.
He seems to want to interact with his students a little more.
He works as one of the Elixir Nights, Elixir Rose.
He, like Ariko, teaches and guides the school’s students, Exceed Nights and Emerode Nights.

“You should be ashamed of what you do, regret it, and ask for forgiveness!”

● Mariera
A member of Silva’s organization Archezest.
Her tone is a bit rough, but her skill as a maid is high because she is well trained in Fiena.
She is loyal and respects Silva from the bottom of her heart.
She doesn’t like Silva’s obsessive Metzer and takes a strict attitude towards her son Kiel, but she cares about Kiel because she’s not a bad person to take care of. ..
She hates elixir nights, especially elixir lime, which has a complex relationship with her respected Silva.

“I can’t imagine, but masochists are happy to be hit, so I’m giving them a reward.”

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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