Dohna Dohna ~Let’s Be Bad Together~

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Dohna Dohna ~Let’s Be Bad Together~
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The “Baddies” are here to disturb the peaceful daily life of this quaint company town, taking down officials and running amok with their immoral behavior.
An RPG about selling sex, making money, and turning that money into power!
Enough of the text, jump in and enjoy the game!

[The World]

Asogi City, a company town located by the beautiful Setouchi sea.
The citizens here have every aspect of their lives controlled by the company.
It’s a peaceful life, and they seem to have no qualms or dissatisfaction with the current state of things.

But within this pristine town, there are resisters and rebels.
The “Headhunters”, who use weapons to take whatever they want, be it money, objects, or people.
“Sex Sellers”, who profit off selling their bodies.
And many more that disorder the order…

As the rebels increase in number, the company works to erase their existence.
Things come to a head during the “Anniversary Celebration”, and the town is fully enveloped in the carnage that ensues.


A number 2 who’s always tasked with all the difficult jobs. Despite his plain appearance and personality unbecoming of Nayuta,
he seems to get things done. He’s also the protagonist.

CV: No☆boru
The gaudy leader of Nayuta who seemingly only thinks about how to have fun.

CV: Shizu Azuma
A sensitive trickster who’s overly skilled in the sexual arts. Kuma’s boss, though it seems like she’s just out to toy with him.

CV: Shino Amekawa
An impulsive girl that joined Nayuta looking to escape her boring life.
It seems her nickname originates from “Killer of Killers”.

CV: Yanesen
Nayuta’s self-proclaimed number 2, who fancies himself Kuma’s rival.
A skilled engineer that makes his own weapons.
He wishes people would stop calling him Kotaro.

CV: Asurou Nikaidou
A cunning man whose previous 3 leaders all mysteriously went missing.

CV: Maya Suzuya
A stunning and charming woman who is Murasaki’s number 2, though their rank is about even.

CV: Suzu Sazanami
A pure girl with an adult body, but an immature mind.

CV: Kanna Natsuki
The head of the Shinonome Group. A skilled swordswoman that strikes with no hesitation.
Kikuchiyo is her real name.

CV: Kitarou Ushigaeru
A devoted member from the Shinonome Group that wields two blades, and will erase all obstacles that stand in Kikuchiyo’s way.

CV: Yuuji Masuoka
A cold man that “deals with” problems in the town.
The citizenry are not even allowed to look upon him.

CV: Ruka Momochi
A nursing student that came from “outside” to find her missing father.
A regular citizen that gets caught up in Nayuta’s activities.
She’s a totally ordinary citizen.

CV: Yuka Kanematsu
An electrical engineering genius, probably.
She prioritizes feeding her curiosity more than anything, even morality.

CV: Ren Haruna
The illicit shopkeeper of “VILE/VAN” shop that sells important goods to the clan for a fair price.
Sometimes she has sales.

[System Requirements]
31. GB total
Core i3 or above
2GB or above
256+ VRAM (with compatibility for Shader Model 2.0 or above)
1280×720 full color resolution
DirectX 11 or above

Compatible OS




Window8 / 10

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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