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Otome Switch
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Every day、They’re going to change with my switch

I often have grades around here.Normal, athletic, appearance (probably)Normal, virginity, twin sister, harmless to humans and animals.It’s an ordinary man.

The only difference was that it was a “vibration” fetish.
Yes, you know — it vibrates and wiggles when you turn it on.
Look, you’re opening this, you’ve put off it a little.
That’s why I kept it a secret from people around me that I liked vibration, and I lived my life without bothering anyone.

Fumika Sakuragi, a beauty student who is both talented and admired by all.

Natsumi Aoyagi, who is bright, moody, and cute and wants to be a girlfriend.

Neither of them was a class mate who was inaccessible to me.

Now they are wearing a Vibrator inside their underwear.

And for some reason, I keep that remote control.
You can also press the switch whenever you want.
At first glance, this act that seems to only fulfill my desires seems to be the key to solving their problems.

Can I save them with this Vibrator and remote control?Or…

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※Recommend playing the trial version before you buy it.

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Otome Switch

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